New wheelchairs from WIZO

We are so blessed to have received 4 funky new wheelchairs from WIZO at an official handover last Wednesday. Our sincere thanks to you all at WIZO, the work you do is absolutely wonderful, thank you for choosing our hospital as one of your recipients.

Wheelchairs of Hope project is an example of Israel’s contribution to the world and tikun Olam. Thank you so much Myra Kamowitz for organizing.

Farewell to long-serving Employees


It was a mix of emotions as we said farewell to 3 of our long serving people.

Sonia de Long has been with us for 19 years, as the front face of out hospital Sonia we will miss your beautiful smile, your generosity of spirit, your gentle nature and your willingness to do anything you were asked, always with such graciousness.

Nurse B, your infectious smile , compassion and loyalty to this hospital for 38 years, is incredibly special to us all. all the children that came through our hospital truly loved you for your gentleness and love you have always shown each child. This has been your home away from home for the past 38 years. It is a wrench for you and all your friends here

Aunty Bettie, 5 years with us, cooking and serving tasty and balanced meals for our children. Always cheerful and smiling, a real part of our children’s lives, giving them love care and attention. Making sure the children gave thanks for their food before eating. You will be missed by all.

Go well ladies and enjoy every moment of your well deserved retirement .

New Operating Table for MCH

New Operating Table for MCH

Our brand new Theatre Table was delivered to Maitland Cottage Hospital last Friday.It was a momentous event at the Hospital, and the excitement spilled from Theatre over into the rest of the Hospital The old Table had become, was unsuitable for elective procedures.

 This Operating Table will align Maitland Cottage Hospital with what is current and standard at Red Cross Children’s Hospital. It will not only be safe, but will also allow us to move on efficiently to deal with elective operations.

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Club Foot Clinic

Club Foot Clinic

Did you know that at Maitland Cottage we run the largest Club Foot Clinic in Cape Town?

Every Friday Dr Stewart Dix-Peek and his team of surgeons, Orthopaedic Registrars, UCT Physio students and Orthotists attend to approximately 30 babies and toddlers. The Ponseti Method is used to treat the little patients feet

The Ponseti method is the most widely used technique in North America and throughout the world  which uses gentle stretching and casting to gradually correct the deformity. It is a manipulative technique that corrects congenital clubfoot without invasive surgery.

Our Beautiful Memory Benches

Our Beautiful Memory Benches



We received these beautiful benches from Shirley Tobias, owner of Art for All. Shirley has raised funds for the hospital through her various art groups.The benches were painted by Shirley’s art groups.
We would like to convey our heartfelt thanks on behalf of everyone at the hospital for the exquisitely painted benches received in memory of Jenna Lowe, Craig Brown and Natalie Cohen, who so bravely fought their illnesses and will now always be remembered at Maitland Cottage Hospital. One cannot help but think of these 3 brave young people every time one looks at these benches.

The following is from Craig, Jenna and Natalie’s mom’s.

JENNA – In 2012 teenager, Jenna Lowe, was diagnosed with an extremely rare lung disease called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Even with this debilitating illness Jenna became an active campaigner to raise awareness for this degenerative, life-threatening condition. Bright, beautiful and eloquent, Jenna demonstrated exceptional leadership and courage throughout her three and half year battle with her illness and helped change the landscape of Pulmonary Hypertension in South Africa. She also made (and her legacy continues to make) a massive social impact on the dire state of organ donation in SA with her internationally acclaimed and award-winning ‪#‎Getmeto21‬ campaign that significantly increased organ donor registration.
Tragically Jenna passed away in June 2015; but her work continues.
Visit the Jenna Lowe Trust at to find out more about the incredible legacy she is leaving.
or to sign up as an organ donor.

Natalie was 10 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that affected her spine. Her love of nature, art, reading and animals was a source of inspiration and joy throughout her difficult journey with Chordoma. She spent many months in hospital in America where she had surgery to remove 7 vertebrae from her thoracic spine and earned enormous respect for her determination to relearn to sit, stand, walk and eventually, even run! Whether she was in hospital or at home, Natalie’s space was always filled with Art & Design, some by her own creation and some gifted by Natalie’s Circle of Love – a global community inspired by her courage, grace and determination to live a creative life. Some of the happiest times were art making sessions with her friends and she especially loved visits from her much-loved art teacher, Shirley Tobias, who had a special connection with Natalie and mentored her creativity with so much love, gratitude and respect.

Towards the end of her life Natalie was drawn to dragonflies which in almost every part of the world, symbolise change and self realisation
Although a cure was not possible for Natalie, thanks to the incredible support of her Circle of Love, she experienced profound healing and a deep, enduring sense of connection that transcends her time on earth. Like the iridescent dragonfly, Natalie reflected the beauty she saw in the world and her humour, poise, personal power and creativity remain an inspiration to us all.
A photo of Natalie is attached

CRAIG – Craig was always very small in stature,but with an enormous zest for life which is why I chose the quote from Dr Seuss “A person’s a person no matter how small”, . ( He also acted in Seussical the Musical, as the baby kangaroo from “Horton Hears a Who ” , just before he was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 12). He died 8 months later, a time during which his positivity,courage and sense of humour really came to the fore.

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Obituary Mr Martin Singer 1921 – 2015

It is with great sadness that we record the death of Mr Martin Singer on 5 July this year. Mr Singer was an integral part of Maitland Cottage Home from 1956 when he started as an honorary orthopaedic surgeon, he was instrumental in the design and commissioning of the current operating theatre and served as honorary medical superintendent until 31 October 2014, a 58 year partnership. Mr Singer made an extremely significant contribution to Maitland Cottage Hospital and UCT. Mr Singer will be missed by all who knew him.

Mr Martin Singer made a significant contribution to UCT Orthopaedic Department and South African Orthopaedics for a period of almost 60 years, from the time he started in private practice in 1956 in Cape Town until his death in July this year.
At Maitland Cottage he treated mainly children with bone and joint tuberculosis and children recovering from polio.  He always had an interest in club feet and took over the club foot clinic from Ginger Keen.He worked at MCH from 1956 until he was succeeded by Prof Teddy Hoffman in 1987, i.e., 31 years.  He continued to visit the hospital weekly until his death.  Pure dedication to a place that was so very dear to him.

Although he retired in 1986, he still remained actively involved with MCH as superintendent. He was actively involved at MCH for 58 years. Mr Singer was academically involved in 35 peer review publications.  He enthusiastically encouraged all Registrars and nothing made him more happy and proud than when a paper was published or presented coming from MCH or the Hand Unit in which he was so involved. He left a legacy that is MCH.

New Ultra Sound Machine

New Ultra Sound Machine

A group of our Physiotherapy interns from Amsterdam have been raising funds for a new Ultrasound machine for our physio department, through an international funding site, GOFUNDME. The Ultrasound machine assists with bone healing and pain management. It has all been very exciting as we got to the target in just 15 days of raising the necessary amount. ! We are very excited to announce that the Ultrasound Machine arrived at Maitland Cottage on 11 August.
Our physiotherapist, Zara is thrilled and our little patients are already benefitting. A huge thank you to Lia Hoensbroech Coreen Roth and Elon Perez and to all who contributed on GOFUNDME. Our gratitude is huge !!