Ariella Cohn chooses MCH as part of her Batmitzvah Celebration

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In 2013, Ariella was diagnosed with severe Scoliosis, a condition which causes abnormal twisting and curvature of the spine.

After many consultations with various specialists, Ariella was fitted with her RSC brace which she had to wear for 2 years.  Ariella’s school principal, teachers and friends were amazing with her, accepting her situation without a question. Ariella has been wearing her brace since September 2013 and is now coming to the end of her “brace” journey.  Luckily, she does not have to wear it during the day any more but only at night.

In preparation of Ariella’s Bat Mitzvah, she and her family decided to look into ways of giving back to the community in honour of this special milestone in her Jewish life.  They looked for a charity that would resonate well with Ariella as an individual and one that would she could feel proud being a part of. Ariella wanted to give back to children whom she could help that were in a similar situation to her.

Her Paediatrician told them about THE MAITLAND COTTAGE hospital and the wonderful work they do for children with physical Orthopaedic disabilities.  Immediately, they knew, the fit was perfect. Ariella came  to visit the kids at the hospital and was most taken aback on her first few visits.  After a while, she realized that despite their disabilities, they were just kids… just like her and her friends. Ariella raised funds and collected many items donated by lots of family, friends and strangers alike.

Her mom, Lauren, made a request to  SPUR STEAK RANCHES  who jumped at the opportunity to come on board and supplied a burger, chips and cool drink to all the kids and staff at the home while King Cake Party Shop delivered 100’s of balloons to brighten up the hearts, smiles and bedsides of the kids. It was a wonderful day that will always be remembered and Ariella learnt so much from this experience. Ariella and Lauren look forward to many more days of interaction with the staff, kids and management of MAITLAND COTTAGE CHILDRENS ORTHOPAEDIC HOSPITAL.

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Annual Bridge Drive

Annual Bridge Drive

On the 14th may the Annual Bridge drive was held to raise funds. as usual a lovely day was had by all the attending bridge players, with delicious food and goodies to eat and drink and numerous prizes to be won. Thanks to all donators, to old mutual house for the venue and for the ladies who come every year to support our hospital

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Dress Up Day

Girls will be girls as some of the little ones played dolly and mummy with newly donated dress up gear…

Lots of discussion about shoes took place and general wardrobe baby talk…aren’t they too sweet?!

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Physiotherapy Garden

Last year, as the result of successful fundraising, we were able to build a physiotherapy department. Our next wish was to transform the area next to this department into a fynbos garden. Our vision was that the area becomes a place for the children to practice walking again and learn to use wheelchairs on surfaces that they would encounter in their home environments.

A keen gardener from the Netherlands, Jeannet Appel, heard about this project and spent many months researching South African plants and designing the transformation of an area covered in lawn into a colourful child friendly garden. To turn this plan into a reality she and two volunteers came to Maitland Cottage Home to “plant” the garden. In ten days of hard labour and much joviality they transformed the area into a children’s paradise. Stone paths, fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and a wide selection of mainly indigenous plants not to mention the house and “wish tent”, the transformation was amazing.

With the help of other volunteers and donors the children created colourful mosaic collages, a totem pole and painted wooden butterflies to brighten up the area.