How can you help?


Fundraising is done through Maitland Cottage Home Society

The Maitland Cottage Home Society is a non-profit organisation that financially supports the excellent and life-changing work being done at the Maitland Cottage Hospital. The society raises funds to help maintain and expand the services and facilities that this dynamic children’s hospital offers.

Every cent collected by the society goes towards this objective – helping to ensure that the hospital keeps operating properly, buying much needed equipment or supplies, or funding building and renovation work to make Maitland Cottage a more comfortable, effective and sustainable hospital for our patients.

Of course, all this takes money. While the Maitland Cottage Hospital receives provincial government funding, this is not enough to enable it to keep on delivering the valuable services and care that have become so important to children from economically challenged communities around the country.

The committee consists of a chairman, 2 vice chairmen, 3 committee members, a representative from Red Cross Childrens Hospital, our head of surgery and an honorary medical representative.  The committee meets regularly every 2 months and the chairman is actively involved on a daily basis at the hospital.